How social media disrupts industries


Most people spend more time on social media platforms than in anything else, which opens plenty of opportunities for interaction with new customers. Social media plays the game to see how much attention they can gain from its user. If they show each person more of the content they are interested in; then the user will spend more time on it. At the same time, more of a chance to show them ads and sponsored posts. And with more interactions comes more trust, and customers who trust in a brand keep coming back for more. These are the ways social media is disrupting industries nowadays.

New Marketing Strategies

With the increasing popularity of social media platforms among people of all ages and backgrounds, it is only reasonable to use this opportunity. All of the most used social media apps have a form of digital marketing, either the platform offers it’s own tool or the users apply their marketing strategies. The direct way to get marketing in social media is by paying to get your ads to reach your desired target. For example, on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, you pay to have your brand reach a specific audience. Also, let’s not forget that these targeted ads are possible, thanks to big data. Each one works differently and uses different algorithms, but the final result is the same, more revenue. 

Most of these companies use the information collected every second from each of its users to create digital profiles of what they like. That way, they can show them only ads for products they are interested in. Plus, companies can now customize publicity for each target audience. There is also a new marketing strategy that consists of regularly publishing keyword-optimized content. It is similar to search engine optimization, but not necessarily with all the components of SEO. Optimized content will lead to more organic traffic to any social media profile.

At last, the world of influencers was born thanks to social media. Before, only people like actors and singers receive sponsored products from countless brands. But these people became famous for their work and talents. Now, anyone can become an influencer just by being funny or beautiful. And any brand that knows what a good marketing strategy is has at least one or two influencers to back up their products.

Customer Engagement

Another way social media is disrupting industries is by changing how brands and businesses interact with the customers. Customer service can now be instant and in real-time. It is a measure of how long a company lasts to answer through social media. Customers can now interact with their favorite brands like they are a single unit. Social media has become a complaint and recommendations box literally. Anyone can do a quick research about any product, and know what previous customers think about it in a matter of minutes. 

When a customer chats with a brand on social media, they feel like they are talking to someone that cares what they think. Also, the client’s opinions can make or destroy a brand. Social media interactions mean customer service is also cheaper. And it is preferred by the younger generations who don’t like to engage in phone calls, especially when it requires long minutes of going through answering machines.

Brand Digital Presence

Before, businesses only had to worry about how to build their presence in the location where they sell their products. But now, depending on the industry, many companies don’t have a limited area anymore. They have to worry about reaching the audience that will be interested in what they sell. That’s one of the reasons companies hire social media managers. 

Hiring social media managers will mean to have professionals that work on building the brand’s presence on different social media platforms. Their responsibilities include constant posting, so users know their products exist, answering interactions as fast as possible, managing ad campaigns, and reaching out to influencers for potential sponsorships.


For small and emerging businesses, one of the hardest parts of entering already established markets was to compete with the industry’s giants. Some companies have something close to a monopoly in their chosen niche. And with the traditional marketing methods, it was hard to compete with them. Now, with social media, it doesn’t matter if your brand is famous or not as long as any company pays for the social media platform ads campaign their audience can see them. Even small companies can compete with the most prominent businesses by being recommended by people in social media.

Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.

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