5 ways to increase engagement on Facebook

5 ways to increase engagement on Facebook

It’s always best to start with the basics when troubleshooting low-engagement

Alright let’s have a think, which pages do you really engage with on Facebook – that means liking, commenting, tagging or sharing posts. Of these pages, do you know why you are engaging with them? Did they ask you to tag a friend? Was the content so interesting that you decided to save it for later?

These are some great questions to ask yourself when you are thinking about increasing the engagement of your own Facebook page. What you want to do is start answering these questions for yourself and you might have some idea of what your followers want to see as well.

But before you start getting too ahead of yourself, here are 5 very easy tips to get you  started!

1. Consistent Posting

This sounds like a no brainer – but you have to be posting consistently so that your followers see more of your content. The Facebook algorithm will start prioritising your content in your follower’s News Feed if they begin to interact with your posts. To receive this interaction, you have to be constantly putting your content out there. The recommended amount of posting is between 3-5 posts per week, by not posting everyday your followers won’t get sick of seeing your content.

2. Engage Back!

This is so important! Set aside time each day to answer questions in the comments, follow some of your followers, and like their posts. Start commenting and engaging on posts/pages that have a similar target audience as you and someone may see your name.

This also means talking to your followers through stories and videos of yourself. It allows your followers to get to know you and your brand, which will make them feel like they can talk to you.

3. Facebook Analytics – posting at the right times!

If you haven’t checked out your Facebook Insights yet then you are missing out! Within your page manager on Facebook, there is an option in the left hand menu called ‘Insights.’ Here you can see data about how well your posts are doing including the reach and interactions. If you click on ‘Posts’ this will give you information about when your followers are online during the day. This is so important, because if you are posting at times where your followers are not online then you will not be receiving optimal engagement levels.

4. Encourage Interaction

Your captions for each post should ask questions or put out a call-to-action. This could be ‘tag a friend who needs to see this’ or ‘click on this link to check it out.’ This type of comment makes it clear to your followers what they should do and they will be more likely to engage.

5. Video Posts!

Have you found that the posts that are most likely to stop you from scrolling past are video posts? This is because the movement on the screen captures the viewer and they slow down their scrolling to find out what it is about. When viewers stop to watch something they are more likely to read the caption, watch the video and then engage with the post.

These are some easy ways to get started with increasing engagement on Facebook, but I challenge you to do your own research into your own scrolling habits. Next time you are scrolling on Facebook, make a mental note of the posts that you slow down for and the posts that you end up liking or commenting on. Understanding why you may do something could help you to understand your own followers.

Hope this helped! If you are still stuck for ideas, feel free to flick me a message on our Facebook page – Hyped NZ! 🙂 

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